January 2016 
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Volume (Words) 

Localization of a website

 EN - TR



Article on plastic bag usageEN - TRArticle   1,756
Localization EN - TRLocalization  2,600 
Training on sales skills  EN - TRTraining   10,313
Patents EN - TRPatent   12,556
February 2016  Language Pair Field      Volume (Words)
Patents EN-TR Patent 20,000
Anti-bribery and corruption policy EN-TR Legal 5,281
Brochure for fashion collections EN-TR Fashion 10,000
Brochure for a women's project organized by an NGO TR-EN     General15,000
March 2016  Language Pair Field      Volume (Words)
Psychology article TR-EN Psychology 7,500
Articles of association EN-TR Legal 10,000
News bulletin EN-TR General 2,300
Brochure for a women's project organized by an NGO TR-EN General 8,000
Instruction manual EN-TR Technical 9,100
Patent EN-TR Patent 5,300
April 2016   Language Pair Field Volume (Words)
User manual EN-TR Technical 21,400
Patent EN-TR Patent 9,000
Localization of a website EN-TRLocalization 13,000